Jorge Gonzalez Testimonial 1Marcie Medeiros
Financial Professional
I've known Jorge for many years. I have had the opportunity to exchange business ideas and strategies with Jorge. He takes the time to get to know his clients and understand all their needs. He is a dedicated and results driven professional that delivers. His focus on customer service enables him to go above and beyond to ensure that all goals are met. Please feel free to contact me if you'd like to discuss!


Jorge Gonzalez Testimonial 2Nelson Santos
President at Scientel Wireless

Jorge brings effortless confidence and competence to almost any situation. His preparation combined with broad background knowledge make him an invaluable member of any highly dynamic organization. He has a unique ability to hit the right notes at the right time when sitting down with customers and partners. Able to explain things at many levels, Jorge builds rapport with all types of personalities, regardless of degree of business or technical acumen. He also combines his ability to build rapport with strong ethics and high degree of trustworthiness. I feel highly privileged to have gotten to work with Jorge, and look forward to any opportunities I might have to work with him again.

Jorge Gonzalez Testimonial 3Jennifer Koh
Senior Account Manager at 24 Seven Inc.

I've had the pleasure to work with Jorge numerous times over the years. Jorge has an innate ability to build relationships and deliver bottom line results. Jorge has a customer-centric approach, a strong work ethic, and great follow up. As a recent client, his expertise in home renovation and construction was of great value in the real estate market. I highly recommend Jorge and have a great deal of respect for his entrepreneurialism and passion.

Jorge Gonzalez Testimonial 5Leo Romano
Senior .NET Developer at Freelance Consulting

Working with Jorge was the best decision my wife and I every made. His knowledge of the market and deep understanding of all the home renovation costs made our home buying experience one of the best we have ever had. The surprises were good ones and you don't see that often when buying a home.

A lot of agents make you promises then never deliver but with Jorge, he delivered and exceed our expectation on so many occassions. If your on the fence about buy or sell a home then you really need to work with Jorge as he will change the way you view real estate agents.

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